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La OECD y la innovación

Aquí el reporte en el sitio Web de la organización

Unos breves videos introductorios:

Extractos del reporte:

"Today, the world’s societies face severe economic and social challenges.
The 2008-09 economic downturn has led to reduced potential output growth,
rising unemployment and soaring public debt. To recover, countries need to
find new and sustainable sources of growth.

The search for new...
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TM Forum Excellence Awards 2010: innovation category

And the winner is... BT (British Telecom)

From TM Forum Excellence Awards 2010:

"Cloud Service Broker

BT’s Cloud Service Broker (CSB) is the first system to address the
complex barriers to cloud adoption and enable enterprises to realize
the full potential of cloud. The CSB uses knowledge of the customer’s
specific needs with respect to application performance,...
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