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Vinay Venkatraman: “Technology crafts” for the digitally underserved

Así comienza:

"Frugal Digital is essentially a small research group at C.I.D. where we are looking to find alternate visions of how to create a digitally inclusive society. That's what we're after. And we do this because we actually believe that silicon technology today is mostly about a culture of excess. It's about the fastest and...
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J.A. Schumpeter (desde su biografía – 7)


"For a whole industry, the litmus test of innovation becomes more complicated. Any industry more than a few years old contains powerful elements pulling in opposite directions. Some companies, often the incumbent market leaders, tend to be more conservative and risk-averse than startup firms. By contrast, in new industries with hundreds of companies –such as...
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Innovation at LEGO

Aquí la entrada desde Knowledge@Wharton, titulada: Innovation Almost Bankrupted LEGO -- Until It Rebuilt with a Better Blueprint

Extracto introductorio:

"It was 2003, exactly 56 years after Ole Kirk Christiansen bought the first plastic injection molding machine in Denmark to start manufacturing plastic bricks for building-block toys. On the surface, or so it seemed, the...
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