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"Uber" innovation: Travis Kalanick

Aquí el artículo original desde Knowledge@Wharton

Extracto introductorio:

"Travis Kalanick is no stranger to corporate fisticuffs. The tech entrepreneur brought down the wrath of the film and music industries after starting a peer-to-peer service in 1998 called Scour, which was similar to Napster in that it allowed consumers to swap digital media files with each...
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Un decálogo para emprendedores innovadores

Aquí la página de de dónde fue tomada

"Nosotros los emprendedores creemos en:

1.El riesgo como tu compañero de aventura, lo que es Robin a Batman o Pinky a Cerebro.

2.La necesidad de revisar muy bien tu emprendimiento si crees que lo único que necesitas es dinero.

3.Que tu éxito depende de tu capacidad de...
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Investigación de Mercados y Big Data

Aquí la entrada completa desde Innovations Tools

Extracto introductorio:

"The combination of Big Data and ethnographics can be a potent toolset for uncovering innovation opportunities, as a growing number researchers are discovering.

For many years, marketing has been in love with Big Data as a means of discerning what customers want and delivering products and services...
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Tele[a distancia]Comunicación – Innovación – Local[cerca]ización

Aquí el reciente Special Report from The Economist: A sense of place

Extracto introductorio:

"THERE WAS SOMETHING odd about the black car at the junction of Sutter and Hyde Streets. It was an ordinary saloon. Its windows were clear, and it looked in good condition. And yet, as the lights changed and the car pulled...
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